Wednesday, December 23, 2015

making merry: our gingerbread houses and a happy family wedding day


Bread's rising and soup is simmering slow on the stove. The sun is shining now after a whopper of a storm came through this morning. It looks like we got at least 6 inches and right as I readied myself to head out to shovel, I look out the window, surprised and touched to see our neighbor Andy B. and his daughter Isabella out shoveling our driveway and walk. (I think he deserves a loaf of bread delivered, don't you?) The kids have declared today a pajama day and I think that sounds like a perfect plan. 

I wanted to pop in for a moment and share a little bit of holiday merriment with you. 

Our gingerbread (we cheat and use graham crackers) house making night was a grand success! Most years I'm busy on the sidelines cranking out batches of royal icing, too pooped to sit down and make my own own, but this year I decided to have some fun with the family. And we did have fun eating pizza, listening to the Nat King Cole Holiday station on Pandora, laughing together, encouraging and cheering each other on. I was just so pleased and delighted (even did a little happy jig around the kitchen with Isaac to celebrate.) with the way everyone's creations turned out.

Eliza's village storefront shops... darling

Emily's little Alpine ski chalet ...

Keith stayed up late after we all went to bed, finishing the  construction (and ever-so-careful attention to detail that he is known for) of this awesome multi-level masterpiece.

Isaac's charming "log cabin in the woods"...

We all gathered yesterday to celebrate the wedding of Clarissa (daughter of my sister Felicia) and Lucas. Even with the snowy winter weather, it was such a beautiful, memorable day. 

Spending that happy time with my family-- witnessing the tender smiles and tears during the marriage ceremony, a wet and fun photo session on the Salt Lake Temple steps, stopping for cinnamon rolls to tide us over until the luncheon (and me getting a little sketching session in while I waited), taking in the holiday spirit of downtown, lending a hand at the reception later that evening-- all of these moments have brought me extra Christmas joy this year. 

And I'm so thankful.


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    1. And a very happy Christmas to you and yours, Jan! Thank you for your kindness and for always stopping by. xo